The idea

The virtual AOK company run 2020 was a great success! 2021 it goes on:

In the period between April 24 and May 16, 2021, a company’s employees can collect kilometers by running. Altitude meters and time are unimportant. Only the distance that is achieved and the team size are important.

Registration is also possible at any time during the run period between April 24 and May 16.

Registration starts on February 22. Click here to register


How it works

To take part in the virtual AOK company run 2021, you have to register online on AOK company run 2021 website – this can be done as a single runner or as a team. The entry fees will be debited for individual runners with the registration, for running teams after the registration deadline.


How does the upload of the route run work?
Each participant who has registered will receive an upload link with the registration confirmation, through which he can record his run kilometers and upload a photo of the run recording.

Participants can run from home on individual routes.

It is also possible to start several times and upload the kilometers run after each run. The individual runs will be added up in the ranking.

IMPORTANT: Only one upload is possible per day.

Each participant records the distance via a watch or with a cell phone. This is a matter of honor and trust. There will be no time recording this year.

We evaluate on a daily basis which company or which runner has run how many kilometers and determine the strongest company team with the most participants.

After the event, we will award the team or individual runners (m/f) who have run the most kilometers in a virtual award ceremony. All participants can download their certificate from the result list.


When is the registration deadline and how long can you upload results?

Registration starts on the 22nd February. Click here to register

The deadline for registration for new participants is May 15 at 12 noon

Results can be uploaded until 16 mail at 8 pm

Registration is also possible at any time during the run period between April 24 and
May 15.


How much is the entry fee:

One-time registration fee for a running team: 15 €

Participation fee per participant: 10 €

We will invoice the complete amount after the event.


Where can you run?
You can run anywhere. However, the organizers expressly ask to strictly observe the Corona specifications that apply then and on site.